Risk Assessment for Piano Lessons from August 2020 until further notice.

This is an active document and changes will be made as / when required.

Effective date: 7.8.20

Last revision: 13.10.20

Next review date: 13.11.20


This Risk Assessment has been devised in line with the current Government guidance on managing COVID-19 cases within workplaces.

And in conjunction with the current guidance from Musician’s Union.

1. Transmission of Covid-19 infection between pupil(s), accompanying parent / carer and teacher

Pupils, accompanying adult and teacher


Fatal / major illness


·         Pupils who are clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding) and those who are living in a household with a person who is extremely clinically vulnerable should advise the teacher before re-attending face to face lessons; it may be necessary to put extra measures in place or to continue teaching online instead of returning to face to face lessons.

·         Pupils are not to attend face to face lessons if they or a member of their household is showing Covid-19 symptoms. The main symptoms to be aware of are a continuous dry cough, high fever, and/or anosmia (loss of smell/taste). They should follow current government exclusion/isolation guidelines and arrange a Covid-19 test as soon as possible.

·         Pupils to self-isolate for 14 days if a member of their household or “bubble” shows Covid-19 symptoms and should not attend face to face lessons. Lessons can be arranged online via Zoom or Skype during this period, after which they can return to lessons as long as no symptoms are being displayed.

·         Teacher to follow same precautions and will cancel face to face lessons in the event of any Covid-19 symptoms and will arrange a test. In the case of a positive test result, all lessons will revert to online only or may be cancelled for a period of time depending upon severity of illness.


Hygiene and control measures:

·         All pupils and accompanying parent / carer will be given antibacterial handgel upon arrival at the house and on leaving.

·         All pupils and accompanying parent / carer to wear a face mask for the entirety of the lesson (unless exempt for health reasons).

·         Teacher to wear face mask for entirety of lesson.

·         The music room door will be left open to allow for ventilation, and the piano has been moved closer to the door to accommodate this.

·         The piano and all surfaces (including the piano stool, waiting chair and door handles) will be cleaned using an antibacterial spray between lessons.

·         Minimise sharing and touching of music books – teacher to re-use handgel before any books handled. Theory books for marking to be left for teacher to mark and return and next lesson.

2. Transmission of Covid-19 infection between different pupils

Pupils / parents / carers


Fatal / major illness


·         A minimum of 5 minutes will be left between lessons to allow for time to complete cleaning, and to minimise likelihood of pupils crossing paths. Pupils to arrive promptly on time (not early) to allow for this.

·         Any pupil arriving early will have to wait outside until the appropriate time, or until invited in.

·         All lessons to finish promptly on time.

·         Cleaning will be done between sessions as previously described.



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